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Let’s talk about Guerrilla Marketing tactics used by companies who don’t even need marketing anymore (according to people who don’t know shit about marketing).

Guerrilla marketing is like a magic trick

Watch the hands

So what’s the trick?

  1. Diverting attention from the straw to the hand
  2. Getting a friend’s help
  3. All of the above

The trick is that you’ve just watched a McDonald’s ad and that this ad was shared by thousands of people. Just this particular sample has >1,000,000 views, add times that on YouTube and Instagram and you’ve got a pretty successful guerrilla marketing campaign.

Let’s break it down


Instead of advertising burgers, they advertise feeling, as cheesy as it sounds. The setting (McDonald’s restaurant) is familiar to their target audience so it’s easy to associate yourself with people in the video.


They advertise McDonald’s which you can see on every cup, which may seem like overkill, given that setting and already makes you draw associations with McD’s, but they are playing it safe and making sure you’re not thinking Burger King or Wendy’s instead.

Shit execution

Acting is terrible and nothing about this looks natural.
Four guys (cameraman) walk into McDonald’s and order three drinks to stay.
They don’t get napkins, they sit at the tiniest table they can find.
One of them conveniently decides to take the lid off his cup and dispose of it.

More guerrilla marketing stunts from large corporations.

US Military and happy families

A lovely reunion

 These are getting out of hand. I’m sure you’ve seen several videos like this one. Always dressed in the uniform, always happy tears, hugs and more.
Of course not every video like this is staged but I’d like you to see try and contact the NFL to ask if you could surprise your wife mid-game and have it broadcast on national television. Remember to not get killed, they never advertise those types of reunions.
And don’t forget about all the movies sponsored by the Pentagon.

Amazon’s happy employees

I love working so much, even my personal social media accounts are branded.

This is Amazon’s reaction to being called out for the terrible treatment of its employees. Just create a bunch of bots on Twitter and make them praise the company and tell everyone how happy they are.

North Face defacing the Wikipedia

Make sure to read this if you’ve missed the news.

One of my recent articles about product marketing via free stock photos
is similar the what they did, but they took too far.
They did apologize though, which is cool in my book.

In conclusion

Corporations do guerrilla marketing, even if it’s just a one-time thing.
Corporations are not any better at it than any other business, even with their unlimited possibilities.
Corporations, please hire me and pay me a lot of money. Thank you for your attention.