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In this guide, you will learn how to use gorilla marketing to promote gorillas, including:

  • Gorilla branding
  • Offline gorilla marketing
  • Situational gorilla marketing
  • Listing promotion, and more

Let’s get started.

Fundamentals of gorilla marketing

Before we dive into the details I want to address the fact that there are two species of gorilla: western gorilla and eastern gorilla, in this article I will refer to all species and sub-species simply as gorillas. If you like gorillas, make sure to support them here:

Gorilla marketing is a complex subject, mainly due to the competitive nature of this niche. While the gorilla population is growing (thanks to the efforts of funds like the one linked above) this growth is nothing compared to the growth of the human population, as we know humans generate the majority of demand for gorillas in various forms.

Gorilla population trend chart

While we share 98% of DNA with gorillas we all know that it’s 2% that makes the difference, so we have 8 billion people craving those 2% per gorilla which means that gorilla marketing is not simply different from any other type of marketing, it’s safe to say that it is quite opposite.

Gorilla marketing is not about generating demand, it’s about managing the existing demand.

Guerrilla Hub, 2021

Gorilla Branding

As a marketer, you should already know that brand represents the collective value and attitudes of a company. Silverback gorillas are a prime example of good gorilla branding, their values lie within their community as they are responsible for the protection and safety of the troop, but this is not the type of image that most people think of when they think of gorillas.

Let’s have a look at several examples of gorilla branding with different messages.

Badass gorilla

Aggressive gorilla logos
This direction works great for situations where gorilla strength is the main focus point. After all, an adult gorilla is as strong as 4-5 grown men, and they don’t even workout, imagine gorillas if they knew how to sign up for a gym membership.

Chill gorilla

Chill gorilla logos

Surprising as it is, a completely opposite to badass gorilla, a chill gorilla is a very common image in the gorilla branding world. Take note of the glasses.

Adding glasses to any animal is a sure way to make an animal look chill, this works not only for gorillas.

Between these two main categories, there is a whole spectrum of various gorilla branding options, from synthwave robot gorillas to skeleton gorillas. Some gorilla branding options are niche-specific, others are universal. From my experience, I’d say that experiments in gorilla branding are always welcome.

Offline gorilla marketing

This will be a short section. I don’t think offline gorilla marketing works anymore. We’re living in a digital age and we have to acknowledge that offline gorilla marketing will keep losing its popularity until it reaches its lowest point, only then we can say if it’s still worth the effort. Meanwhile, just stick to best practices.

Offline gorilla marketing is very situational so even best practices may not be applicable in most cases, after all, most of us aren’t lucky to live near gorilla habitats.

Situational gorilla marketing

wallstreetbets gorilla gme ape
There’s no denying that gorillas are a fundamental part of our culture and daily lives. In just a few recent years we’ve had gorillas crashing our safe spaces and turning things up. As a marketer, your job is to stay alert and wait for another opportunity to present itself.
I recommend studying the cases of GME APES and Harabme (RIP) while you’re preparing for the next big gorilla thing to happen.

Listing promotion and more

Most gorilla marketing techniques require a lot of time and effort, and there’s no guarantee you’ll see the results anytime soon. Listing promotion is a neat growth hacking tip that can bring you some results relatively quickly without much effort. But make sure you’re not working on listing promotion only, this hack is only as good as the rest of your gorilla marketing efforts.

Where to submit

  • (g2 crowd) – g in g2 stands for gorilla, so it’s only natural to start here. Make sure you add at least three high quality images to your listing! Read also: How to rank higher on G2
  • Facebook marketplace – accoring to recent studies every third facebook user in the US used marketplace for gorilla purposes at least once
  • Yellow pages – while they seem like a thing of the past, this sit one of the few components of offline gorilla marketing that I use today. It’s bceause bananas are also yellow.

What to avoid

rustled jimmies

Gorilla marketing is relatively safe today, but I still recommend avoiding things that can really rustle your jimmies. In the early 2010s there was a series of cases where jimmies were rustled, so stay safe.