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This is the intro part. I will stuff it with a couple of relevant keywords, like best subreddits for free promotion, so this page ranks better. You don’t have to read this, it’s useless. Actually, you don’t have to read the first paragraph of like 99% of articles you see online, they exist only because people suspect that having relevant keywords in the first 100 or so words will help with ranking, I also believe this so here it is. This should do, if it doesn’t work at least I don’t hate this intro to my piece about subreddits you can use to promote your business. What a waste of time.

The subreddits listed below are the ones that accept promotional submissions, feel free to post your startups, products, or services if they fit.

Here comes the list starting with smaller subreddits and moving up to the ones with millions of readers.

1. r/YSK (not r/YouShouldKnow). This will be confusing.

There is a subreddit called r/YouShouldKnow, it’s pretty big with more than 4 million subscribers. Users post various bits of universally useful information on this sub. But we need r/YSK so why am I talking about the other one?

The first rule of r/YouShouldKnow: Your post MUST begin with YSK and have appropriate flair. The post must be a YSK as defined above.

YouShouldKnow Subreddit page
I use Old Reddit Redirect and Reddit Enhancement Suite, will probably write a post about these later, they’re a must-have. A link will be placed here when it’s done.

Users refer to r/YouShouldKnow as YSK because that’s how every post starts and that’s what it stands for. And many people go to r/YSK instead of r/YouShouldKnow by mistake.

For a while r/YSK had the only post titled “You’re probably looking for r/YouShouldKnow”, but not anymore. Now it’s just a dump of posts like YSK there’s a website where you can order Flex Tape with a discount. It has 4,000 subscribers and some minimal activity so if you play your cards right you might get some eyes on your product.
4,000 readers

2. r/subreddit

This is a subreddit for promoting subreddits, very meta I know. If you have a subreddit feel free to post it to r/subreddit. It has 20,000 readers, pretty sure most of them subscribed only to share their own subreddit but it doesn’t mean they won’t see yours in their feed.
20,000 readers

3. r/Design_Critiques

It’s not just for designers. Description of r/Design_Critiques: “Are you looking for a critique on your design? Post it here!” But here’s the kicker – pretty much everything has a design. Your website, your app, your neon sign, your interior, your logo, your album cover, your cash register. Post whatever you think is a good fit, ask for feedback, and wait for people to start looking at your stuff.
85,000 readers

4. r/SideProject

A subreddit for sharing and receiving constructive feedback on side projects. Most submissions on r/SideProject are apps and websites, but only because apps and websites are the most popular side projects, don’t be off-put by this. You can share any type of side project, be it a coffee shop or a machine learning experiment.
100,000 readers

5. r/Blogging

Another subreddit where you can request feedback, this time for your blog. You should have one anyway, how else are you going to take care of SEO? On r/Blogging you can’t submit a post to ask for feedback, but you can do that in a monthly feedback thread.
110,000 readers

6. r/shutupandtakemymoney

It says ‘shut up and take my money’. This one is for promoting consumer products, but only if they’re unique or have something unusual to offer. r/shutupandtakemymoney is also a good option for affiliates selling random crap. Showcase the product, see how people react to it, and maybe even get some sales.
500,000 readers

7. r/webdev

Request feedback on your website and people will not only look at it but will also tell you how to improve it. Self-promotion on r/webdev is allowed but only if you stick to the 9:1 rule – have 9 non-promotional interactions per one promotional. I don’t think anyone counts so simply don’t exploit this subreddit to promote your stuff – be a member of the community and you’re good.
1,400,000 readers

8. r/InternetIsBeautiful

Similar philosophy to the previous subreddit. If you have something unique, fun, or interesting – post it to r/InternetIsBeautiful. If you don’t have anything fitting you can always create something. I’ve done a few April Fools projects for businesses that we posted there too and it went well. Not sure what you could possibly create? Hit me up, I’ll help you with some ideas for free, I enjoy this stuff.
16,200,000 readers

Also, check out this guide on Quora Marketing, it can come in handy since you’re considering Reddit for promotion.