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Here’s a list of advice every marketer should follow when starting a guerrilla marketing campaign.


  1. Register accounts in advance.

    Create a list of platforms you plan to work with and register multiple accounts on each platform.


  2. Create fake social media profiles, as many as possible.

    You’ll need them quite often.


  3. Make your social profiles valid.

    Add some posts (you don’t have to run these accounts, just throw in a couple of pictures and share some posts to your feed after you create the account) and more importantly buy some followers.


  4. Only use accounts that are at least 1 week old.


  5. Always use proxies and different browser profiles when trying to game the system.


  6. Manage your accounts and keep track of their activities.

    Here’s a mock-up of the spreadsheet I use:

    guerrilla marketing accounts managemet

    Create a separate list for every platform you target.

    Authority in the last column tells me which accounts need to “step up”.
    Link to my guerrilla marketing Account Management Spreadsheet.


  7. Don’t ask people to like/upvote/endorse your posts by sending them the direct link to your submission.

    Share the link to the forum section, subreddit or the main page and ask people to find and upvote submission titled “X”.

    asking for upvotes

    The proper way to do so


  8. If you’re asking your colleagues to do so, make sure they also use proxies.

    Don’t let them perform identical actions from single IP.


  9. Don’t use usernames that are:

    too long (mikemeyersismyfriend)
    have unnecessary numbers in them (jackreaper41)
    can compromise your disguise (companyname_steve)

    First two make it look like you don’t actually care about your username (which is weird if you really are a member of this community) or like it’s an automatically generated username, the third one is obvious.


  10.  Before posting or writing a comment, learn about your surroundings.

    See what’s acceptable and what isn’t, analyze the tone people use to communicate on every platform. You can’t use identical posts on Reddit and in LinkedIn groups. See Reddit Commenting Guide.


  11. Avoid reacting to your own submissions with your other accounts.

    Anti-spam may notice the unusually high number of interactions between two “unrelated” accounts.


  12. Create separate “burner” accounts for voting/liking your submissions.


  13. Find and join upvote groups to boost your submissions.