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Reddit often pops up when you discuss guerrilla marketing, and still majority of marketers have no idea how to work with it. In this post, I’m going to show you the difference between a poorly written comment and a proper one so that you can improve your Reddit marketing game.

7 Reddit commenting sins

  1. Pretending to be a satisfied customer — it’s not 2001, it doesn’t work anymore.
  2. Anchor links — shows you’re putting too much effort in it.
  3. Posting from a new account — obvious, especially if it’s the first comment.
  4. Posting from a sleeper (inactive) account — same as above.
  5. Visible mention of the product/company in the comment history.

    reddit comments spam

    Borderline spam…

  6. Replying to / upvoting your comments with other accounts — whether you use proxies or not, Reddit’s algorithm will see an unusual amount of connections between two accounts.
    reddit upvotes manipulation

    My f**k up from a few years ago.

    The green [+6] tag means I’ve upvoted posts and comments created by the highlighted account six times, which would’ve been fine if it wasn’t the same the other way around (+8 from that account to mine) and if it didn’t happen in 3 weeks. Not using these accounts anymore.

  7.  Not following the target subreddit’s rules — just read the damn rules before you get shadowbanned, they’re in the sidebar.

8 tips for writing proper comments

How to add links?

  • Use plain text without hyperlinking. If you don’t rank first for your website name (like I currently don’t rank for guerrilla hub) feel free to type in a domain address, it also works.

    reddit comment example

    One comment, two domains

  • If you must use links, go with the full link, avec transfer protocol and all that, e.g.,
    reddit hyperlink comment
  • The “Edit” tactic. Write a comment, mention a website, update the comment later to include the link. As if you don’t even care if it’s there.

    This guy even blamed another user for adding the link

  • The “link for the lazy” tactic. This one is similar to the “Edit” but requires two accounts. One account posts about the website, second account replies with a link.

    link for the lazy comment

    Double kill

What to do with product/company mentions in profile history?

  • Delete them. Unless they constantly generate traffic (which happens not as often as I wish it did).
  • Bury them. There is no strict formula of how many generic comments to write per promotional comment (post) but the number of comments which fit on the first page of your profile overview is 25 so at least make sure there’s just one promotional comment on that page.

How to reactivate a sleeper account or when to start posting with a new one?

  • Reactivating a sleeper account is easier than trying to promote with a new one. So throwing in a few comments the day before promo should do.
  • When it comes to new account, there are two options.
    1. Spend a week or so commenting and posting before promoting.
    2. If you need to act now, start your comment with something like “long time lurker here, decided to join the discussion…”.

What else to do to improve your Reddit marketing strategy?

Use Reddit. It’s that simple. Just force yourself to read the comments to posts you found interesting, and you’ll get sucked right in. Stay involved, and you’ll learn the habits and traditions of the Reddit hivemind. Plus it’s a great source of information on any subject. Don’t get too involved though, limit your Reddit time and stay focused on what matters.