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The previous post was about stealing disappointed customers from your competitors, and I mentioned as a source of such customers. This post will be your guide which will help you to rank higher on alternativeto, let’s go.

What you need to know about ‘Alternative To’

It’s important to understand how this platform is different from other crowdsourced recommendation websites.
I’m not going to treat you like a child, I’m pretty sure you know what voting and ratings are, I’ll just point out the important things you need to know.

  1. As of late 2017 rankings on Alternative To are very vulnerable and easy to manipulate. They don’t seem to be fighting fake accounts at all.
  2. Your main focus on Alternative to is not your product’s page, but pages of your competitors. Each page has its own list of alternatives and your task is to rank at the top of every list at your competitors’ pages.
  3. Likes on your page are not all that important, as long as the number is not very low compared to others in your niche — you’re good.
  4. The number of “Good alternative” votes is the main ranking factor

    altrenativeto ranking factor

    Here’s what you need to work on

  5. You can edit any page, including pages of your competitors, but don’t do that because of the last and the most important thing on this list
  6. Every action on every page is saved in the page log and everyone can see it
    alternativeto page log

    Page Log

    Which brings us to the second part of this post.

How to make your success look natural

If you didn’t figure it out yet — all you have to do is to make sure that page log looks natural.

Here’s what you need to avoid on alternativeto:

  1. don’t repeat similar actions with different fake accounts. don’t create sprees in page log
  2. don’t upvote your listing only
  3. don’t downvote your competitors, don’t touch them at all
  4. don’t perform too many actions with one account on one page

Here’s what you need to do on alternativeto:

  1. add your competitors as alternatives to your product on your page
  2. manage the list on your page, make sure that your top alternatives are the ones you target
  3. upvote some of your lesser competitors, the ones at the bottom of the list
  4. leave comments and reviews