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In this post, I will share two of my favorite ways to convert your competitors’ clients. It’s obvious that your competitors’ clients are your potential audience, you just have to address them at the right time. This is going to be a short article with just the practical stuff, so let’s jump in.

Alternative to is a software recommendation service, where people search for alternatives to, well, the software they want to replace.

netflix alternative

Alternatives to Netflix as seen on

It’s not limited to software if you have a website which can replace something or solve a problem, it fits, and you should work on it.

According to SimilarWeb they get ~15 million visits per month, and the number is growing. 2 years ago that number was closer to 5 million, so it’s definitely worth your attention.

alternativeto stats

Some stats

Not going to lie, you don’t get tons of traffic from it, at least not from my experience, but it’s still worth it. It requires little to no upkeep and traffic from Alternative To has a very high conversion rate:

alternativeto traffic

Monthly traffic

Here’s what you need to do to get traffic from this platform:

  • create a page for your product
  • write a welcoming description and point out your unique selling points
  • make sure you’re shown as a top alternative for all of your competitors

In the next post, I’m going to explain how to make your listing the top alternative for all of your competitors.

Notify is a free social media monitoring app which works like any other monitoring app, so alternatively you can use Mention, Google Alerts or anything you like, the method here is more important than the tool.

The reason I’m using Notify is that it’s easy to setup and you can integrate it into Slack. I have a separate Slack channel where I have just the notify chats for all of my projects. It’s the most convenient way to get notifications.

Here’s what you need to do to get competitor’s clients:

  1. Create a monitoring project for every competitor you want to rip
  2. Monitor their brands in combination with words indicating a negative tone, such as f*ck, sh*t, expensive, sucks, no way, to hell and more. I have quite the list I’m not willing to share here, it’s not the hardest part, you’ll figure it.
  3. Monitor these mentions and respond to them.
notify ly mentions

Here’s what mentions you should see

That’s it for now. Go and create a monitoring project and Alternative To page for your products and get yourself some new clients. Good luck.
As mentioned above, in the next post I will show you how to dominate Alternative To.