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I’m bad with introductions, below you will find things you need to work on if you want to promote your product on Quora.

Your profile

  1. State that you work for a company you’re promoting in your profile description, it’s not a requirement but it helps with trust
  2. Add several credentials and switch between them when submitting answers in different topics
    quora credentials


  1. Subscribe to as many relevant topics as possible
  2. Answer the questions in FAQ section of your target topics
  3. Go to the most viewed writer section and check their answers, the ones with fewer answers get more views per answer. Analyze their answers to see what kind of questions and answers your audience prefers.
    most viewed writers quora 
  4. Monitor new question and answer the ones you find worthy.
  5. Keep your answers to the point, always think what kind of answer you’d like to receive if you were asking this question. Don’t waste everyone’s time by writing a 500 words answer just to plug a link.
  6. Try adding an image to your answer if it fits, especially if other answers don’t have any. Answers with images are shown in the preview and draw more attention.


Asking the right question is a great way to draw attention to a certain topic. Answering that same question with a different account is a great way to draw relevant traffic.

  1. Take some of the questions you’ve seen while analyzing the most viewed writers and rephrase them to avoid merging. New questions can be merged with older questions where it’s harder to draw attention to your answer.
  2. Answer your question with an answer similar to the most viewed but optimize it to include your target links and focus more on whatever it is you’re trying to promote

Answer wikis

Every question page can have or has an answer wiki, it’s displayed above the answers and usually serves as a summary of what you can find in replies.

  1. Check the number of answers, if the number is < 5 – there is no need to create wiki just yet.
  2. Check where your answer is ranking. If your answer comes up first – there is no need to create answer wiki until you either lose position or someone else creates one.
  3. Editing and creating answer wikis.
    To plug your link into the wiki make sure that your link appears in replies to the question.
    There are two ways to get the most out of answer wiki: putting your link at the top and/or making your link stand out (both is good):

Once you submit your answer wiki or answer wiki edit it will be sent to review. Standards for passing are pretty low and it usually takes few hours, so unless you’ve submitted something too spammy you’ll get a notification that your wiki was accepted.

To learn more about answer wikis you can read this article: How to increase traffic from Quora by creating answer wiki

Answer comments

You can add your comment to any answer on Quora. There are two cases where this is recommended – if the answer is very popular and gets a lot of views and if you think that contacting the person who answered directly will bring results (for example when someone answers that your competitor is too expensive and you can offer a cheaper solution).


  1. Should I answer if the question already has 10 – 20 – 100 replies?
    – Yes. New answers are often pushed to the top for a limited period of time. If a new answer gets enough views and upvotes in that period it can outrank answers with more views and upvotes. 
  2. Should I answer questions that are * years old?
    – Yes. Old questions are still in rotation and are shown to people interested in relevant topics. 
  3. Should I ask people to upvote my answers?
    – No. Upvotes on Quora are not that big of a ranking factor. 
  4. Where do I find questions to answer other than my feed?
    –  Quora search and google search with site: operator (digital signature 
  5. What if my answers don’t bring any traffic?
    – Edit them. Go to referral traffic sources in Google Analytics, find Quora, see which pages generate low traffic and edit your answers.

I’m also not too good with summaries so this is the end of this article.