How to make a fake Facebook account

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Creating a fake Facebook account sounds simple until you try it. There are many things to consider and traps to avoid. This article covers the common mistakes and provides advice on how to work on it.

Things you’ll need to register a Facebook account

  1. Gmail account.
    See the previous post if you need instructions on how to start and run a bot farm.
  2. A phone number.  To receive a text message with a verification code.
    Go and google something like “receive SMS online,” there are enough services to chose from, but free ones won’t cut it. Prices vary, service I use is charging $0.1 per message, but you get random number every time you use it, access to the number is limited to 20 minutes. This time is enough to receive a verification text message, but you won’t be able to use this number later on. Some services provide you with a personal number you can use how you like. Prices start at around $2/mo per phone number.
    Here’s a list of SMS services I found a second ago, so you know what to look for.
  3. Pictures.
    Go to Facebook and find someone to take photos from. It’s best to look for people who don’t live in the country you plan to use your account in.
  4. Backstory.
    Don’t try to wing it, prepare essentials in advance and save them in a file. You’ll need this info for other websites, like Linkedin.

    fake facebook bot
    one of my bots

3 Deadly sins of starting a fake Facebook account

1. Using pictures of pretty girls

It may work if your goal is getting friends on Facebook, but that’s it. Try using this account to convince me that Salesforce is better than HubSpot.

facebook bot

It won’t work. Not because pretty girls can’t know about CRMs more than I do, but because I will definitely take a closer look at her profile, and we all know how easy it is to spot a fake account.
Contrary, if I saw a comment from this guy:
real facebook account

I wouldn’t bother looking him up.
Check out pro tips in this article for more recommendations.

2.  Adding friends

Facebook too many friend requests

Not adding friends Facebook sounds counter-productive? That’s because you have to add friends, but don’t do it straight away.
Send a couple of requests TO your new account first. You can do that with your account even (don’t forget to unfriend it later).
Avoid “friend-adding” groups.
Send three requests on day one, four requests on day two and etc. but be reasonable, Don’t send more than ten requests in one day and don’t send out ten requests within a span of 5 minutes.

3. Using a free VPN

Some people think that enabling a Dot VPN add-on or something similar makes them less suspicious. It doesn’t. Those proxies are always on the spam list.
You can use your personal address to run at least three accounts without any problems. But, if you want to run ten accounts you’ll need proxies, they cost around $1/mo.

4 Pro tips for running a fake profile

1. Finding friends

My go-to strategies for adding friends Facebook are “attending events” and “working for a company.”

The events strategy is simple: find events in your area of interest, say you’re going, leave a comment, send a few friend requests and move on.

Working for a company strat is slightly more complex but grants incoming friend requests.
Find a big, international company and proudly state that you are now working at this company. Bonus points if they don’t have an office in your city/country, so no one can assume you’re in that office.
Now you can add people from that company and related companies to your friends list, and they will occasionally send you a friend request too, which is nice.

facebook face account
Don’t use Google, go for something more subtle

2. Birthday wishes

Nothing makes your profile look more genuine than a couple of birthday wishes on your timeline.

Get your bots to congratulate each other.

3. Bury your first publications

You know the ones about uploading a profile picture, adding your date of birth and etc.
Just share some stuff to your timeline. And don’t post more than 2 links during your first week.
The previous tip will also help you with it.

4. Picture recommendations 

  • Male, ~30 y.o. who doesn’t look like a model
  • at least seven photos
  • make sure to include group photos and photos with friends
  • if possible get a webcam quality portrait (you may need it later)
  • change filenames before uploading (don’t use filenames Facebook us using)
  • crop, flip, add a filter, whatever, edit pictures before uploading

I guess that’s it. The rest you can figure out yourself, I don’t feel like writing a step-by-step in-depth guide to creating a fake Facebook account, I’m just here to share some hacks. Cheers.



The guide seems more than enough to begin with, appreciate your efforts in writing this,

One quick question though, I would personally like to farm for Facebook Ads, so, how long would you suggest on waiting before I create an Ad account or add payment method?


Thanks for the feedback.
I didn’t use any of my bots to run ads, so I’m not qualified to give you any advice on this matter.

To play it safe I would create a business page or a community after a week or so, then start posting there and wait until facebook shows me a notification that “this post can do better”. Once they advise you to advertise I’d say it’s pretty safe.

I need to create a fake facebook profile. Just give you name, age and interests. Photos have to be created too. can you help?

Not really, sorry.
Try it yourself, it’s not that complicated.

Thanks for the post and all the cool ideas & tips! I recently tried to create two fake Facebook accounts and they worked for a few weeks, but then ultimately got banned. Just to add one little notе- made them not for any commercial goals. I am involved in the SEO industry for quite a lot of time and sometimes would like to post in a few local digital marketing related facebook groups to ask relevant SEO questions and want to hear what fellow colleagues think. However, I don’t want to reveal my identity. I just don’t want a few of the people that know me there to see what online ventures I am involved in outside the 9-to-5. Let’s say I describe a website I own and have a SEO question regarding it… so this would be the main reason I am going to use the profile ( If my 3rd attempt proves successful)

For the first profile, I used a random pic of some guy not that very popular or smth. For the second one (created it a few weeks after the first one was blocked, I used a website that generates random pics of people that don’t exist in real life (images look legit). At some point, I was asked to upload a photo and after that, they suspended the profiles.

When I created the first profile joined a few Facebook groups, send a request for a few others (~15 groups in total). Then shared some images and videos on my profile, liked several posts (did that a couple of times, not only at the very first day I created the profile).

Of course, added also birthday info, engagement status, employment info and so on. Tried to make it as real as possible. Actually, the only thing I believe I didn’t do was to add any friends. Could that be a reason to ask me for verification after 2-3 weeks and then to block the profiles. The second profile went pretty much the same way as the first one. I thought the issue might be from the image. For the first one, I used an image of a real person, but as I mentioned he was not too popular or something. That’s why for the second one I used this photo generator website.

I didn’t use any proxy or VPN etc., so that might be an issue, too. I ‘m not sure how strict they are with this. I can probably use the VPN at work to create a new profile with a different IP. Something else that I am not sure whether could have any impact- I used brand new Gmail accounts for the profiles, that were created entirely for this case.

So, I am thinking of trying my luck for the third time, but maybe this time I should add some friends. What do you think is the key in my case that I didn’t add any friends (even the suggested ones from Fb)?


Man. Did you just write a novel?

Thanks for sharing! I’ll try to update this article later with your findings. Cheers!


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