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Earlier I published a guide explaining how to run a simple bot farm. Naturally, my first choice for managing the bot farm was and still is a simple Spreadsheet. However, there’s a new and maybe even a better option, a browser you can fully dedicate to running a managing a bot farm – Ghost Browser.

What is Ghost Browser?

It’s a ghost that follows you around and scares you into organizing your bot farm to make sure it’s not a complete mess.

It’s a browser built for working with multiple online identities.

ghost browser motto

It does exactly what you’d expect it to do.

You can run multiple sessions with different accounts logged into the same website and switch between these accounts whenever you feel like.
Ghost Browser is built on Chromium, so you can do pretty much everything you do in chrome. You can import your bookmarks and other data and use add-ons you’re using in Chrome.

What can Ghost Browser do that others can’t?

  • Divide and manage your identities. Color code each “person” for a better experience.
    ghost browser color coding
  • Use a proxy service to assign different IPs to all of your identities or even different IP for every tab.
    ghost browser proxies
  • Switch between personas without running multiple sessions.
    ghost browser persona tool bar

I’m pretty sure people who created Ghost Browser and work on it can make a better list, but this is more than enough for me.


You can assign a dedicated IP to every bot you have, you can switch between bots by switching tabs instead of logging out and back in, you only have to set it up once and it will do everything you do manually for you.


It’s not free.
Monthly subscription will rob you of $20.
Annual will drop to $10/month, or $120.

I believe it’s worth checking it out if you work with more than three bots.