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I hate intros, but Google loves them so this is the intro to my post about crowd marketing and how it looks like when executed poorly.

I decided to write this article when my colleague showed me the results of a crowd marketing campaign that she ordered from a crowd marketing agency. It was just so bad that I couldn’t resist it.

1. Irrelevant platforms

When you order crowd marketing from an agency you expect them to target your potential customers with their posts, and that’s what they promise. In reality, they just post wherever they have active accounts left. And boy do they go out of their way to do so.


poor crowd marketing example

Let’s take a closer look at the example above. We have a forum for drop-shippers, a thread about games for children and an online betting website ad – quite a combination. Post itself brings up the second sin on my list.

2. Life story

Bad crowd marketing posts always start with a life story.

– What is a good first car?
– When I was 12 years old my father, who is a doctor, bought a brand new car. It looked beautiful, had all the bells and whistles and ran like hell. To this day I think BMWs are the best cars. Unfortunately, my father was addicted to gambling and lost the car about a year later on

People who aren’t born yesterday see right through this without any problems, but crowd “marketers” keep on telling these stories, maybe some of them are paid for the number of characters per post.

3. Numbers in username

If your crowd marketing agency runs accounts named like Bob715 or Huner2, keep looking.
It shows the lack of commitment on their part, people don’t trust these accounts as much and it raises a red flag for the forum admins. If you’re creating an account with a lazy username like that it shows that you don’t really care about being an actual member of the community.

4. Missing userpic

Pretty similar to the “number in username” issue.

5. Headshot in userpic

Putting a photo of a pretty girl as a userpic for an account named Jessica_556 is even worse than having no userpic at all.

How to avoid making these and other mistakes?

Stick to your fake personality and write accordingly. If you ever were a regular on any forum you know that just dropping a link in response often works better than starting with an explanation on why you’re putting a link in your message.