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Hi, my name is irrelevant and I’m running this blog. This is the first post, so if you came for guerrilla marketing tips — go read my other posts, which are actually useful. If you found this website while there was just this post (which I doubt) wait till I’m done creating more content.

What do I know about guerrilla marketing

Quite a few things. It’s is my favorite thing related to marketing and the thing I’m getting paid to do. I have a full-time job where all I do is try and find more ways to promote things online, my job duties are not limited to guerrilla marketing but this is the only subject I like enough to start a blog and share my tactics.

Why do I share these things with you

  1. I have created and tried a lot of tactics, and I want some recognition before others come up with similar stuff. Plus, I want to try and create a successful blog with content I like.
  2. I tried looking for blogs related to this subject but failed to find anything decent. E.g. there’s a website called they may have started as a relevant blog, but it looks more like BuzzFeed now. They simply showcase creative ads as if they were examples of guerrilla marketing:
    guerrilla marketing fail smaples

    This is what they think GM is all about.

    No hate on the guys though, their content is not useless, It’s just that I plan to share different things.

  3. Marketing department in my company is full of pussies and sometimes I’m not allowed to try something kickass, so I don’t want my cool ideas to go to waste.
  4. I also wanted to learn WordPress, so don’t be surprised if I change the theme soon or screw something up.

When will the good content start

I sure hope I’m not going to do the usual and drop the idea. I’ve been thinking about this bog for at least 4 months and was thinking of blog post ideas throughout these months, so I know what to write about and my first useful post should go live in a few days. I’m lucky it’s almost weekend so I’ll definitely have the time to do something about it.

If I disappear after this post feel free to call me names via the contact form.