How to Spam Your Way Into the White House

This article is not about politics, so please refrain from leaving political comments. We will talk about spamming YouTube with videos to dominate the trending section.

YouTube trending videos during the election period

This is what made me think about it and write this article. I opened a trending videos tab, which I’ll be honest I don’t do very often and saw this:

youtube trending videos spam

Four out of six top trending videos in Ukraine are very closely related to Volodymyr Zelensky who is currently running for a president in Ukraine and is leading after the first round of elections.

I have highlighted the channel names which you can see in the screenshot:
Ze! Life, Ze! President, Ze! Last Chance, Ze! Dream Country.

“Ze!” is part of Volodymyr’s branding so no one is hiding that these channels are related.

Why create multiple channels?

This is the main question and the answer is quite simple – it’s difficult to have more than one video in trending section from a single channel.

So if you create multiple channels and boost your videos you get a chance to own more property in trending videos thus getting more attention and a chance to influence the public opinion.

What else do I need to dominate the trending section?

Views, likes, comments, subscribers.

These are the most important metrics for any YouTube video, if yours gets a lot of reactions from the list above, you’re pretty much set.

How do I get views, likes, subscribers and comments?

You buy them. There are hundreds of websites and communities where you can buy any number of views, likes, subscribers and even comments. And they are not that expensive.

Here’s a small sample of prices you can get at

IDServicePrice / 1000Mininum OrderMaximum OrderEstimated Speed / 24 hours
20Youtube (Share)5.005010000001000-2000
371Youtube (High Retention Drip Feed Views)1.80100014000500-600
75Youtube (India Views)3.0010001000000020,000-50,000
1156Youtube (Fast Views (Ads))4.0010000100000000500,000-1,000,000
1157Youtube (Latin Views (Ads))20.00100000100000000050,000-300,000
86Youtube (High Retention Views (Instant High Quality))3.801000100000000100,000-200,000
99Youtube (Share 1)8.005022000
100Youtube (Fast Share)30.0010015000020,000-30,000
101Youtube (Favorites)14.0010050000

What if they got real views and buying views won’t work?

They didn’t

See the dip? One that says -500.34k Daily Views.
That’s negative 500k

The negative number of views appears when YouTube does an audit (which happens randomly) and removes fake views from the total view count.


  1. Create multiple YouTube channels

    Getting more than one video from a single channel to trending videos is near impossible

  2. Buy views, likes, comments, subscribers

    For each new video on each of your channels, see approximate prices above

  3. Spam the hell out of the trending section with your videos

    To create a feeling of high demand or to feed your desired content to the masses

  4. ????

  5. Become a president

    Or not, this is not the point.

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